You didn't get an Easterhegg ticket? No problem. The CCC_Wi is organizing a hackathon over Easter.

When does it start?

Our opening hours over Easter: Friday 3pm to Monday 3pm.
The hackathon itself: Saturday 12 noon to Sunday 8pm, then presentations, then party.

What is the topic?

The topic will be announced on Saturday at 12 noon. The topic could be abstract and meaningless.

What if I don't like the topic?

You can also bring your own topic and hack along with us. We would just appreciate active participation.

Will there be prices?

No. But there will be participant certificates, painted with crayons 🎉

Will there be food and drinks?

There will be eternal breakfast and an increased supply of Mate. If you want other things, you should bring your own.

My way home is long. Where can I sleep?

Please contact in this case.

We look forward to seeing you!

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Chaos Computer Club Wiesbaden e.V.
Sedanplatz 7
65183 Wiesbaden

When does the event happen?
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